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Progress & Milestones

Groundbreaking event held

On 12 September 2018, Clariant officially broke ground for its first large-scale commercial sunliquid® plant for the production of cellulosic ethanol made from agricultural residues in Podari (Romania). The project will have an investment volume of over EUR 100 million and will receive EUR 40 million funding from the European Union. The construction of the plant will provide a wide range of benefits for this rural region. It will allow local farmers to establish an additional stream of income by selling currently underutilized straw to the plant. During the construction phase of the new plant, several hundred workers will be employed from locally based companies wherever possible.

Construction phase started

With the start of the construction, Clariant’s project in Podari has reached an important milestone. On a 98,000 sqm large area, where the new plant is currently being built, Clariant is observing the highest technological standards that will have a significant positive impact on safety for public health and the environment. Additionally, Clariant is paying close attention to the social and economic development of this area. Clariant has engaged a Romanian civil construction company, and the construction works will be involving a team of about 800 workers.

Partnership network established with farmers in Oltenia region

To ensure a stable feedstock supply for the sunliquid® plant, Clariant’s main objective is to build long-term relationships with farmers in the Oltenia region (southwest Romania). Since 2017, a dedicated feedstock crew has established long-term contracts with over 200 farmers to acquire agricultural residues for the plant. With these partnership contracts concluded so far, Clariant has already secured the majority of the raw material needed for the sunliquid® plant in Podari. In 2018 over 3 000 tons of wheat straw were harvested. In 2019, over 20 000 tons of straw were harvested in order to test and adjust supply chain performance. The trials were centered on efficient straw collection, transportation, and storage. The ramp-up of the supply chain will continue to work toward more than 250 000 tons for full-scale plant capacity. As of 2019, a digital application that supports supply chain operations with regard to coordinating, managing, and monitoring straw harvest operations has been established. In addition, network systems for straw storage and just-in-time delivery were implemented.

Licensing the sunliquid® technology continues

Clariant licenses its sunliquid® technology platform globally. So far, three license agreements have been executed with renowned industry players in China, Poland and Slovakia.The first license agreement on Clariant’s innovative sunliquid® technology was signed in 2017. This continued interest is a major step towards the commercialization of the sunliquid® technology for advanced biofuels on a global scale.

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