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The LIGNOFLAG Consortium, with Clariant as coordinator, consists of seven companies and research institutions from Germany, Austria, Hungary and Romania. The expertise offered by the consortium meets the requirements of a complex flagship project with the focus on demonstrating the technological as well as the economic viability of cellulosic ethanol and its co-products.

Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH, Germany


Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH, a member of the Swiss Clariant Group, is an international specialty chemicals company with over 17,000 employees worldwide. Clariant has developed the sunliquid® process which uses chemical-free pre-treatment, on-site process integrated enzymatic hydrolysis followed by conversion of both C5 & C6 fermentation to efficiently and sustainably produce cellulosic sugars and ethanol from agricultural residues such as straw, corn stover or sugarcane bagasse. The Business Line Biofuels & Derivatives, which is part of Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH, focuses on the commercialization of bio-ethanol, licenses and enzymes and the promotion of the sunliquid® technology.

Main tasks in the projects

  • Responsibility for Basic and Detailed Engineering
  • Planning and construction of the plant
  • Ramp-up and operation of the plant
  • Distribution and marketing of the product
  • Exploitation of the results
Clariant Products Ro SRL, Romania


Clariant Products Ro SRL is a newly formed Clariant affiliate. It is one of the owners and operators of the sunliquid® commercial-scale plant for the production of cellulosic ethanol in Romania.

Main tasks in the project

  • Equipment procurement and construction of the plant
  • Ramp-up and operation of the plant
ExportHungary, Hungary


ExportHungary Kft. is a private company (SME) based in Budapest. Its main objective is to develop international business and cooperation relations between Hungarian companies and international markets. Export Hungary also cooperates with international companies to support them in trading, investment and development cooperation with Hungary.

Main tasks in the project

  • Evaluation of the valorisation options for the co-product lignin
  • Observation of future development of the European biochar market
  • Initiation of test to use lignin as a raw material for the production of biochar
  • Assessment of and identification of financing opportunities in equipment and technologies
  • Identification of financing opportunities of necessary investments in equipment and technologies
Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH, Germany
Fliegl Agrartechnik


Fliegl Agrartechnik stands for innovative agricultural logistic solutions from the most modern manufacturing facilities – with the principal aim of improving efficiency and profitability within agriculture. The company has a global presence and exports to all continents.

Main tasks in the project

  • Evaluation of the usage of vinasse as a fertilizer
  • Development of different ways to transport and use vinasse
  • Evaluation and specifications for vinasse as well as  for equipment requirements
  • Assessment and supply of equipment and machines
  • Conduct field tests on how vinasse is best applied to the field
  • Completion of the documents needed to certify vinasse as a fertilizer
Energy Institute at the Johannes Kepler University Linz (EI-JKU), Austria
Energie Institut an der Johannes Kepler Universität Linz


The Energy Institute offers specialist expertise whenever multidisciplinary knowledge of more than one scientific field is essential for energy-related research topics. The EI’s three departments cover Energy Economics, Energy Law and Energy Technologies. The combination of these core disciplines allows comprehensive analyses and accounts for all aspects of future-oriented energy topics. The EI-JKU analyses the economic effects of questions regarding energy-related policy, discusses the most recent developments in the European energy legislation and evaluate strategies for CO2 mitigation as well as measures aimed at promoting energy-efficiency goals. Apart from highly distinguished research in various (inter-)national projects, the practical applicability of its results is a key focus of the Energy Institute.

Main tasks in the project

The Energy Institute is quantifying the maximum greenhouse gas mitigation potential according to the European Renewable Energy Directive (RED) by life cycle assessment (LCA). Additionally, potential socio-economic impacts of establishing an advanced biofuel market are analyzed resulting in a combined process assessment including environmental, economic and societal aspects for the flagship plant realisation resulting in a sustainable product performance and market-uptake.

BDR Associates
BDR Associates


BDR Associates is a leading strategic communication and public relations agency with 25 years of experience in Romania. The company is the exclusive partner of Hill + Knowlton Strategies in Romania, which is part of the WPP Group, one of the largest international communication groups in the world.

Main tasks in the project

  • Develop the communication strategy and action plan in Romania
  • Develop media relations and media campaigns
  • Organize media trainings
  • Organization of events and workshops
  • Develop publicity and materials for promoting the project
  • Community relations and corporate social responsibility
  • Stakeholder relations
Bavarian Research Alliance GmbH (BayFOR), Germany
Bavarian Research Alliance


The Bavarian Research Alliance GmbH (BayFOR) is a private company to support Bavaria as a centre for science and innovation within the European Research Area. To achieve this, BayFOR supports and advises Bavarian scientists and stakeholders from the private sector in the competition for regional, national and European research, development and innovation funds.

Main tasks in the project

  • Creation of a corporate design for communication activities
  • Development of target group-specific communication material
  • Set-up and maintenance of digital communication channels
  • Ongoing public relations and press activities
  • Information on additional funding support for the whole consortium

Latest News


Successful LIGNOFLAG project completion: EU-funded large-scale commercial plant produces bioethanol from agricultural residues


Clariant produces first commercial sunliquid® cellulosic ethanol at new plant in Podari, Romania

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