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Clariant has started the construction of the new sunliquid® plant in Podari/Romania

Clariant, a focused and innovative specialty chemical company, organized two events in October dedicated to the media and the local community from Podari, thus marking the start of the construction of the plant.

© Clariant

On October 24th, the company organized a meeting with journalists in Craiova, followed by a press tour to Podari. Dragos Gavriluta, Project Director Sunliquid® Romania, presented the status of the project, shared more information on the construction of the cellulosic bioethanol plant and answered the questions coming from the media. Afterwards, the journalists went to Podari to visit the site of the future plant, where Liviu Ungureanu, Podari Site Manager, explained the steps and processes that will follow for the construction.

The next day on October 25th, Clariant opened its doors for the inhabitants of Podari. Those interested had the opportunity to meet the Clariant team and receive information about the sunliquid® plant and the opportunities and benefits it brings to the the local community.

Clariant’s cellulosic bioethanol plant in Podari will kick-off production in 2021 and will have an annual production capacity of 50,000 tons cellulosic bioethanol. The project is based on an investment of over EUR 100 million, and will receive EUR 40 million funding from the European Union.

Community event in Podari (© Clariant)

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